A sales funnel is a digital sales letter. It’s today’s way of writing a sales letter that converts a stranger into a client. There are many platforms you can use, I’ll mention them in this post.

A b2b sales funnel is a digital sales funnel made for business-to-business companies. An example of a b2b audience can be roofers, real estate companies, restaurants, accounting firms, service firms, any business.

They convert differently than a business-to-consumer funnel. Prices are usually higher, with a lower volume of clients. Companies usually segment their types of clients.

Since the prices are higher and offer specialized the barrier of uncertainty is higher, there are a few things you must do in order to Convert your funnel.

Sales funnels mean the process in which you take bulk leads and send them to your digital offer, the non-convertible leads will vanish, you will be reducing your number but getting interested people only. The more advanced stage you are looking at, the fewer leads, you’ll have but the interest and buying power will increase. You filter these leads through your sales process, converting the % that are ready to buy right now. There are organic and pad ways to send traffic or leads you your funnel.

Best Sales funnel in the market

The funnel I recommend you to use is called click funnels. I have personally read all the books of the founder, Russell Brunson, and followed his journey. Clickfunnels is a friendly funnel, they were the pioneers of funnels, lead magnets, and the terms you will hear in this post. You can track, and move your traffic from one place to another depending on the type of actions you want them to do. 

1.- Create a click funnels account and get your trial

2.- Add your credentials, add your Facebook, domain, and all your info. 

3.- Create your first funnel. There are hundreds of templates you can choose from in this app. I’ll help you pick out the best for you. 

A funnel is a series of steps a prospect follows to convert from a cold lead into a warm lead. A cold lead is someone that hasn’t heard from you in the past and a warm lead is a client or someone who knows you. 

Usually, you bring in traffic from your social media, SEO, Ads, youtube, or any kind into your funnel. Funnels as you can see have only 1 main button or several buttons with the same word throughout the page. The goal is to remove distractions and help the user make the desired action. 

How does a funnel work?

The funnels help solve the questions the lead may have. Like if you have experience or the kind of companies you have worked within the past. He may be uncertain if he’s a right fit or pricing. 

The goal of the first page of a funnel is to get the email and phone of the lead. Even if he leaves the page, you can still contact him in the future and help him continue with the process. You want traffic, yes. But you want to be able to retarget your traffic, that’s the main goal. 

Some sections of a funnel:

Lead page

Funnels vary in type and design, you may see long ones, shorter ones, video letters, or long written letters, it’s not mandatory to use one or the other, you may prefer a different style. But most importantly you may want to ask, what does your audience want?

1.- Add a compelling title and 3 core features of your offer. 

2.- you can add a pop up in case the lead wants to leave your page

3.- Add features and a description with photos of your offer

4.- You can add testimonials

5.- You can add videos in the form of introduction, testimonials, or promotional

You may want to start by making the prospect make a small action in exchange of a free gift. You dont want to push hard on your prospects and make them buy from you right in this instant. They dont know you, you may be selling expensive goods, they have too many questions and the barrier of uncertainty is just too high.

Example of a pop up


Because they probably have had negative experiences in the past. So they may conclude that you may be another negative experience. 

So the way in which you convince them to soft down is by giving them free value in exchange for their email. In this scenario, they have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

2nd optin:

The second page of the funnel is usually the page that has the gold. So by this point, if the user is on this page, he has already given you their email. Now here you have to keep your promise and give them the good. 

Things you can give away for free:

  • Product coupons
  • Discounts
  • “How To” Guides
  • Case Studies
  • Webinars
  • Mini-courses

you can get creative and do many more things, this is some of the most common things people give away for free. Now listen carefully. In order for this to work you have to pick on a small problem and give them the solution. 

The most annoying thing you can expect is to be promised something and receive nothing. If your freebie doesn’t add value to what they already know or have, they will throw it away and never listen to you. 

this is your main and first shot to prove that you can back up what you said you did and that you can really help them. Dont waste this shot. 

3 page: Thank you page

After they finish watching or downloading your good, there’s a thank you page. You can just thank them for doing that action or add a few more valuable links on the page. 

You can add your Facebook group or youtube channel. you can give them another guide or something. 

You have their emails, remember. Now let them rest, enjoy the freebie and you can get back to them in a few days. 

This is the beginning of your sales process, now these are warm leads that are on your email CRM. this is gold. 

Selling in funnels

Some people like to go ahead and sell to people on the funnel. you can add your store on click funnels. You can add the pricing, links, and description. If you are going to sell them here there are some things you may want to consider. 

Your first page should be longer. You may want to help them make the buying decision by adding killer testimonials, video letters, descriptions features, answering the common questions they usually have, etc. 

You want to make them want to buy from, sell themselves by reading all of this and so now they dont want to miss not being a part of this. Remember that in psychology there’s a term called “FOMO” Fear of Missing Out, people who are in the same community, industry, and descriptions as your clients bought from you, they dont want to not be a part of that community so they’ll buy. 

I already have a website!

If you have a website already you can still create a funnel and have your website as a backup. They are different digital assets built for different purposes. 

A website is like a digital card, with all your information, products, and team. The problem is that it doesn’t have a freebie, it can be distracting and isn’t optimized to do a certain action. You still need one, otherwise, it’s like not having an address and being business homeless. 

Here are some common editing questions people have regarding click funnels and here are the links from them directly.

How do I send automated emails to people who opt into my funnel? 

This can be accomplished through either 3rd Party Integrations or directly with Follow-Up Funnels if you have ClickFunnels Platinum. Please explore the various options by visiting the links included here.

Can I use an existing domain for my funnel?

You can use your custom domain and point it to ClickFunnels so you can use it in your funnels. Refer to this tutorial here for more information.

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