This is probably a question most people ask when they are in college or very young. I think this is a question we should continue to be asking ourselves every year, to reassure we are on the right track.

Now, what do you want to do with your life? When you ask this question most of the time you feel the need to respond with a brief and quick response, then you should start getting ready to fulfill that responsibility. you should go to a certain college and get a degree maybe get married, or maybe move to another city, you start to plan your life around this question and your life is defined by this question.

Most people ask the “What should I do in life” wrong question…

Now, if your life will be dependent on this question, what if you ask it wrong? then your whole life would be a mistake? What if you regret the college you chose or the life you followed? Then you will feel lost, bored and unfulfilled. And indeed that’s how most people feel their entire lives. So easy on this question, It is not a question of one response or a one-time-only question. Let me explain how it goes and how you can really find the answer to it.

What are your inclinations?

We all have a different personalities determined by our date of birth. That personality is shown since you were a child, and that personality has inclinations, passions, and interests. Most people hide them because of their culture and what they are forced to do. You then adopt a different personality. Now you became a person someone else told you to be, as a result, you will choose a life path that’s not yours. This is why most people feel bored.

Ask yourself what are your inclinations? If you were to do something for the rest of your life what would it be? Usually, it is something you will do for free. someone you do as a hobby or are really interested in doing.

What emotion do you really seek?

Most people do or do not do something because of an emotion. If you hold on to things it is because of fear, it is paralyzing you. Now in order to decide what to do with your life, you must be clear on the kind of emotion you want. If you do not set this since the beginning you may get distracted with false emotions and false purposes that only last a while, don’t empower you, and don’t make you grow. Some people want gratitude others to want joy others fulfillment. The key here is to learn how to feel this emotion from the beginning, not at the end goal. Remember you shall seek several goals one after the other, each is bigger and will make you grow more. But throughout the process, you are feeling this emotion.

What is your why in life?

There are many books written to try to answer this question. What is your why? What is your calling? Are all people born gifted or just a few? I truly believe that everyone has a uniqueness but only a few dare to pursue it. Why? well for starters most people don’t know what it is and second if they do they are to afraid to pursue it. The ones who do are the few who achieve the ultimate life. You were born to purse a life, use your uniqueness, contribute to this world and grow as a person. You why is that sense of complement and realization that you feel when you do what you are supposed to. Its a sense of contribution, joy and gratefulness. you can find this feeling in anything you do, you just have to align that work to a greater cause. I know people who sell food and are empty on the inside and other who do the same but use their talent to make people feel better and unite families. So the problem is not the path that you choose but the meaning that you give to it.

How to get started?

Now, if you are reading this, then the moment came in which you have to do something to be fulfilled. It doesn’t matter your age, circumstances or where you are. It doesn’t matter anything, you can always get started and figure out what to do with your life. It all starts with being aware that something must be fixed. that there is a growth opportunity and get started, second you must create a plan and start fulfilling it.

  1. Do a current life evaluation

Analyze how your life is right now. Do it from a 3rd person perspective. Try to close your eyes and see your life as a movie, your a guest invited to watch it. How does it look? What emotions does it transmit? What areas of improvement do you see there? How can this life be modified and the conclusions to be made. in order to fix something we must realize there is something to improve there. You cannot solve something that doest need help.

2. Decide what do you want from life and yourself

What do you want? You don’t have to have it all figured out but at least know where to begin. Lets say you don’t like your current job or your house. You don’t know what kind of job will make you happy or house but at least you know what you don’t what. If you quit your job or start a side hustle things will start to get figured out. Clean your house change the appearance of it. Remember that new things cannot come if you don’t make room to receive them, the only way to make room for them is to remove old garbage.

3. It all starts will solid determination

This is a long journey. The journey will give you the answers. One thing leads to the next. The goal is to get started, to make a solid, committed decision of quitting the old life and never look back. No matter what, never look back, or you will crash. You cannot focus on the present and drive towards the future with your eyes looking back.

4. Always reflect on the present moment

Sometime we get used to the things around our life. it doesn’t matter if they are for our greater good or don’t. We see them as normal because they are part of our everyday life. The important here is that if we want to fix our life we must stop, hold one and reflect. Iterate the process, remove whats not working and continue whats working.

5. Embrace failure

Remember this, there is no light without darkness. No sun without moon, or black without white. Everything has an exact opposite and together they create balance, harmony and perfection. So the pole of success is failure. You must live it, embrace it and learn from it. It hurts yes it does, why? Because its transforming you and changing you of form, so you must see your darkness, relive things you dislike and feel synttoms in your body. But when everything is done you will see the new person that came out of that transformation. Remember that the pain and darkness will keep repeating in your life until you learn the lesson you had to learn.


So what you should do in life depends on the level of greatness you are looking for. The level of commitment and growth will determine your success, one door leads to the next and the answers will come in time when you need to see them. You will not get any answers if you don’t open the first door and if you are not ready for them. Get started and become the owner of your life.

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