If you could grab all the money that exists in the world right now, and split it into equal parts to all human beings. After a few years, they will have the amount they have today. The amount of money people have is disproportionate, and that is due to their mindset. If you want to learn how to achieve anything, have the ultimate life and the success you deserve, then you must change your mindset.

Change your Mindset

change your mindset

Now first things first, most people never change anything because they believe there is nothing wrong with them. Another reason is that 99% of people on this planet have 3 choices. 1. Change 2. Not Change 3. Die They all choose option 2, not change. Why? Because change is scary, it’s unknown, uncertain. You don’t know what you will encounter out there, and at least you know how to deal with your current pain.

If you want to change, to really change you need help. And I appreciate that you are taking the time to read this and let me help you. I changed my way of thinking because it was that or die. So if I couldn’t go any lower, the only option was to go up, to change, to imitate how successful people think. Because there must be a recipe right? Let follow that recipe here.

The Definition of Mindset

What are some terms:

  • Entrepreneur Mindset

A way of thinking that enables you to overcome challenges, be decisive, and accept responsibility for your outcomes.

  • Fixed Mindset

people believe that their intelligence is fixed and static. 

  • Growing Mindset

people believe that intelligence and talents can be improved through effort and learning.

Now if your mindset is your cumulous of thoughts, experiences, beliefs, past experiences, and everything you’ve lived, then let’s look at it as a hard drive.

The hard drive of your mind

In the hard drive of our minds, we have stored information, that can be erased or made stronger. Most of the time we operate in automatic, for easier purposes. Our brains stop thinking and we just do and say automatically, according to our mindset.

let me give you a few examples here:

The relationship with money

I used to believe that money was limited, that some were born lucky and others just had to work and make some. I used to have a negative and poor relationship with money. I inherited that relationship. You see, I’m Mexican, and in My culture is badly seen to have money. Is the devil. Evil people have money, poor people will go to heaven.

My grandma used to say things like, money is dirty, is evil, don’t touch money. Money is only for those born lucky. So I grew up thinking like that. I never see the importance of this until I was about 18 years old, I had a small business, making good money and losing it all.

I had too many expenses, problems, unexpected things that made me spend my money, and every month I ended up with nothing. I blamed the business, my employees, everyone but me.

Everything is monetizable

I thought it was my industry, I believed it was hard, unprofitable, and would never make me rich. Then I compared my business to other businesses and saw that they were crushing it. They did exactly the same as me.

One day I did a magical thing. I read a mindset book.

I opened my eyes and saw the way I spoke about money, and my business. The way I thought about them, that was the problem.

The power of your vocabulary

You see mindset is the way you think and you bring to life your thoughts by the way you speak. Listen carefully to a poor person and to a rich person. Pay careful attention to the adjectives they use. The way they speak about life, money, everything.

When you learn how to use your word, you will change your life.

Adopt New Habits

A habit is an action that you repeat always. You do it without thinking about it. Like grabbing your phone first thing in the morning or drinking coffee while watching tv. A habit is something you’ve done for a long time now. There are good habits and bad habits. In order to change your mindset, you must adopt some habits that will help you transform yourself.

Some good examples are: Meditation, reading, exercise, work

Some bad examples are: social media, procrastination, tv, drinking, complaining

The best way to get started is by analyzing what are your habits, which ones should be removed, and which ones should be adopted. A great way to get started with this is by observing what are successful people doing and what are poor people doing.

Reverse engineer your goals

What this means is that we must establish a long-term goal. Let’s say to open a new business at the end of the year. Now, once we have that long-term goal we must set monthly goals that will allow us to fulfill the goal. So by starting at the end and then seeing what we need to do every month, week, and day so that the goal is accomplished is called a reverse engineer.

I will suggest you do this with everything you do. Business, lifestyle, relationship, and growth goals. This is a way of living and by setting a direction you will know where are you going and how far are you from achieving that.

Baby steps every day

Baby steps every day mean, that by doing a small improvement or something different you will change your mindset and accomplish your goals. It’s extremely hard to change a person by night, this is the reason most people stay where they are. Also, if you try big changes at once since your behavior and mindset are set to old patterns, you will fail. The more you fail the more your mind will be set to negativity.

Change your Environment

I once read that we are the sum of the 5 people we spend the most time with. be careful with who you engage with. humans have a strong need to be accepted to belong, this goes back to prehistoric. You will unconsciously want to be accepted to a group you know is not right for you, will not help you grow and you dislike. But for your mind, that is better than rejection.

Now if you start to engage with people that are doing more than you. You are accomplishing more and have a big desire to succeed, you will do so too. Your desire to change plus your need for acceptance will give you tremendous results.

This is the perfect example of the young kid that started smoking because his friends at school did, even though he knew it was wrong, and he didn’t like it. But hey, everyone does it, so I must do it too!

Putting it all together

The ultimate way to change your mindset is to know what you want, where are you going. To change your environment. Change your habits, like exercise and meditation. and Improve your relationship with your vocabulary. It is a long way to go but is completely worth it. Remember that you must become the person worthy of the success you deserve.

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