This is probably one of the most common questions in life and business. how to overcome challenges? life is made of challenges, some worse than others. Now it seems that many people don’t have challenges and we are always suffering more than the other ones. What’s the purpose of them and how can we make things simple. I will give you all the answers here.

first, how’s life made?

Life on this planet is a series of events, in which we have full autonomy of our emotions towards them. We can control and create many events and there are some out of our control. Each person or individual is here in this life right now to serve a purpose. If something does not serve a purpose it disappears. the good, the bad, and everything have a purpose. Now Challenges are tests and battles that we choose. The purpose of them is to help to evolve.

You can choose the intensity of the events and how you want to learn. Many people get trapped in obstacles, and they paralyze. These events grow to the extent that they control their lives and ruin all the good in them. Why? Because the creator gave that power to them.

Life can be lived easily, learning with positive experiences or it can be lived negatively with dark moments. You choose how you want to learn.

It’s all an illusion

Now an obstacle is a bucket of sand. The bucket is yourself and the sand is the problem. If you add water to the bucket, the sand will become hard. It looks like is solid, strong, and unbreakable. What happens is you look carefully at the sand, you see it’s harmless and if you grab it with your hand, it’s not as solid as it looks, you can actually dissolve it. What do I mean by all of this? When you look at the problems or the bucket with sand they look strong, harmful, and indestructible. If you zoom in and look carefully at them you will realize it’s all an illusion.

Challenges only exist in your mind

Challenges are our thoughts, conclusions, and fears that come to reality. It’s all our response to a certain event, based on our perspective. The same event can be an obstacle to you and an opportunity for others. For example, let’s say you got fired from your job. To you, it may be a tough situation in which you now have to face several obstacles like money problems, anxiety, and difficulty to find a new one.

To someone else they can be an opportunity to start something new, they realize that if they hadn’t fired them, they wouldn’t have the courage to start the business of their dreams and achieve potential.

Challenges depend on how we think it’s our position here on earth

What do I mean by this? Labels. We all add labels to our lives, depending on how we have molded our lives. Some say they are fearful or distracted or have a certain problem. Others say they are smart or brave or funny. These are labels and we become addicted to them because they form our identity. Humans will do everything to protect who they are.

So if you say that you are a smoker, you will never stop smoking, if you do, then who will you be? The challenge for this person will come when we get sick from his longs, and he will blame everything but him. It wasn’t a challenge it was something that everyone saw coming but him. he was too worried about protecting who he was.

Challenges mean fear

Many times we cause our challenges. We make up these life situations in our heads because we don’t want to stop feeling something or are too afraid to face something. People will continually sabotage what happens to them because they don’t want to face reality and their fears. let’s say you know that you eventually have to speak in public, but you are afraid. You will create circumstances to avoid this situation, this will be challenging.

Or you have a toxic relationship with money because you lack the feeling of security. You may be facing a lot of financial challenges in life and business because you haven’t learned the lesson you are supposed to.

Challenges can cycles

If you don’t learn a lesson it will go on forever. If you don’t learn how to deal with money and use it you will forever have that problem. The goal of a challenge is to teach you a lesson not to make your life miserable. But your inability to improve makes it a hard moment.

Behind every challenge there’s yourself

Ever challenge has your face on it. You created it, and since you are the author you can be its destruction.

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