How to get started as a consultant?

The Harmonious is an app that connects owners with consultants or experts. The reality is that small businesses do not have time to implement growth strategies. They are overwhelmed, buried with work, and exhausted.

Consulting is also expensive for them as well. We have studied business owners for the last 10 years and concluded that consultants require the only thing owners do not have “time.”

This is the reason why we created The Harmonious App.

The harmonious app is an app that shares mini-business how-tos or recipes in the form of playlists and mini-training. Our goal is to help business owners solve day-to-day problems and pain points. Each how-to solves one problem.

How to Get started with the App.

  1. Sign up and create an account as a consultant
  2. Modify your profile, and make sure you add all of your information

3. Make sure to write a bio, so people can know more about you, choose your area of expertise and your skills, as well as your social media.

This is how your profile will look in the eyes of the business owner. They can choose to work with you on a more personalized growth plan.

Now, the content..
  1. Upload unlimited “How-Tos.”

*A how-to is a small piece of content in which you upload a video, a description, and a step-by-step tutorial. Picture this “how-to” like a food recipe. Users can watch your content, enjoy it and create playlists.

2. Create a prescription when a business decides to work with you

If you wish to be a premium consultant and work with business owners on a more personalized plan, they can choose to work with you, and you can create prescriptions.

An owner will fill out a form describing their illness and problems; they will then create a mini-plan. The goal here is to focus on only one thing at a time.

How to make money with our app?

A. Monthly Plan

When business owners subscribe to the monthly plan with your personalized link, you will get $100 per customer.

We will promote you with our client list, and you can also promote your link. You will here make passive income for content you will upload one time.

B. Premium consultants

The premium plan is 150 USD per month. From there, you make $100 USD per client you consult. These mini-consultations will only take a little time; you can consult as many businesses as you want.

Premium consultation works as a traffic funnel. A business that decides to work with you can be a potential client for your high-ticket consultation. Remember that your profile has all of your links, and you can filter here who will be your next high-ticket client.


Our app will share your profile, links, and content with hundreds of people. You will reach a broader audience and send traffic to your website.

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