The goal of any business is to build revenue. In the end, revenue is what goes into your pocket. But what you want is Predictable revenue. You need to build a sales team to achieve this. You need systems, automation, predictability, people, and KPIs. In this blog, I’ll teach you how to do it. After years in sales in B2B and B2C, I realized that people are blocked by two things. One fear and emotions and two manual labor. The first one compromises the second one.

To build a sales machine, you need:

  1. Predictable Lead Generation
  2. A Salea Development Team
  3. Consistent Sales Systems

You need people focusing only on outbound prospecting, on generating leads organically. Yes, you can build paid assets too, but if you cannot get the organic machine to work, how are you going to make the second one work. Having a hard-working team won’t make you money if there is no strategy behind it. The first stage of the sales process starts with the outbound team, and if its don’t properly the close should have smooth sales. The better your lead gen, the less you rely on the aggressive salesman.

Stop doing more of what doesn’t work

Salespeople hate to prospect. What makes you think that a sales team will outreach and generate leads? They don’t like it. And you must understand that they are different roles.

How to warm up your leads:

  1. teaching them
  2. Building relationships and word of mouth
  3. Partnerships
  4. Social media presence

To measure is key on sales teams

Be aware of how many leads are you generating, of whats the closing rates, of what are the objections of your prospects. On what other new lead channels could you add to your current process. Measure everything.

Your processes must have the ability to scale. And in order to scale the CEO is not supposed to be part of the process.

Sales Cycle:

  • How long does it take for a prospector to generate a qualified opportunity?
  • How long does it take for those opportunities to close?
  • What things can be improved from the process?
  • Measure time of response between each step

Selling the Dream

Help your prospects paint a vision of what kinds of solutions will solve their problems. Customers only care about improving their business.

Why some sales processes don’t work?

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