Everyone knows that the customer is always right. Not because they are indeed correct, but because they pay. If they are giving you money, then they have the power. It would help if you had cash for your business, which is oxygen. So clients are always right, period.

It can take years to build a brand and a reputation, and only a few hostile clients to destroy it. So let’s be very careful about customer service, know what they want, and how to treat them. Remember that you are selling to humans at the end of the day, so you better understand how they work and what they want.

Also, I will explain in this video why building this customer mindset service is essential, and it will make you the leader in your industry in the long run.

So let’s get started.

  1. Understand who your client is

This means creating an ideal client avatar. There are many types of clients; remember that rich and poor people have different problems. You cannot prospect and speak the same way to these people. By understanding your ideal client, you know what they want, their fears, what keeps them up at night, and their demographics and income level. You know them better than they know themselves; in this case, you can create a plan.

2. Buy with emotion and justify with logic

People are emotional creatures. The best way to build this customer service approach is by selling that emotion. If you own a hair salon, you sell an excellent experience, not hair treatments. Or if you own a restaurant, people who are there to get distracted from their problems, help them achieve that. People want pleasure, comfort, power, control, short happiness, and excitement. What kind of emotion does your business bring them?

3. You control them by letting them control it

Make people feel like they control the buying process, that they lead and you follow. You are preventing them, but they won’t know that. People love to buy but hate to be sold. If they perceive that you are pushing them, they will not believe it. When you force them to look at something or do a specific action, they will run away, not because they don’t need you but because they lost control.

4. Give something for free

People want to feel like they are intelligent buyers and justify that nonsense shop logically. They do that by saying it was a bargain, or 2X1, or they got free samples. It had a 60% discount, giving more value away for free. The goal is to make customers feel like they are getting more deals from what they are paying. If, for example, they bought an expensive meal, but they weren’t satisfied and were still hungry. Then they won’t recommend you, and they got robbed. They gave away more money and received nothing. They will keep returning if you make them feel like they are more competent buyers.

5. Build a long-term relationship

The secret to conquering a market is to know that people who already bought from you in the past and had a good experience will continue to do so. It’s easier to convert someone already your client than someone new. Now building this long-term relationship is the best thing you can do. Because first, you will have long-term loyal fans, second they will recommend you to their friends. And believe me, this is gold. Look, people buy from who they like and trust. They buy from friends, now if their friend is recommending you, then you are a friend. People have a hard time trusting strangers.


The goal is to understand that customers are people, not money symbols. That if you learn how to treat them with respect and be honest with them, they will stay loyal to you. Most companies hit hard on people, annoy them, and want their money from them; people know that and will quickly run away with your competition.

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