I once read that Warren Buffet said that if he could have one superpower he will choose to read faster. I never forgot that, and he is very true. A few years ago I made the commitment of reading 20 pages daily, to be honest, I didn’t like to read. I chose easy books with big letters and images.

I started to fall in love with reading, it expanded my universe of possibilities and made me a better person. Reading improved my vocabulary, spelling, my mindset and made me wealthier. I learned that my income is 100% related to what I know and how I apply that knowledge.

I will give you here my favorite list of books about mindset you should read.

Books on Growth Mindset

  • ” The 7 habits of highly effective people “

The book is all about how you can use mindset principles at work or in life to become more effective. It’s one of those books that might not seem important at first but is actually quite profound. It’s filled with wisdom that can be applied to most aspects of your life.

  • ” The Power of Habit “

By applying the techniques in this book, you can start to form good habits and know-how to break your bad ones. This book is really interesting because it gives you insight into why we do things that we don’t want to do, but somehow keep coming back to. It talks about habit stacking as well as other topics such as habits in organizations and sports. Organizations can apply many of the techniques talked about to help reduce costs and improve productivity. This book is a light read but it’s easy to follow along with and you won’t be able to put it down when you get into it.

  • ” The power of positive thinking “

A good mindset comes from good thinking. Thinking positively is the first step towards a positive life and it’s something that anyone can do regardless of talent or skill level. This book will help you to radically improve your outlook on life by showing you how to think better and how to believe in yourself. You’ll learn all about the importance of positivity, creative thinking, and breaking bad habits.

This book is a quick read, but you will find yourself thinking about all the life lessons it teaches long after you’re finished reading it. It’s an essential mindset model for anyone who wants to become more positive in their thoughts and actions because it helps you understand how to think positively by changing your perspective on things.

  • ” How to win friends and influence people “

This book isn’t just about improving your mindset, it’s also about making yourself more likable. The author talks about the importance of having great social skills and how you can use them to improve your relationships with people. This is perfect if you want to become a better public speaker, make friends in business, or connect with people in general.

The book is full of practical tips on how to become better at building your relationships and understanding other people. It’s a short read that you’ll be able to finish within an afternoon but the lessons are important enough that they’ll stay with you for years to come.

  • ” The personal MBA “

This book aims to teach you all of the most important business concepts without having any college education. It teaches you how to think like an entrepreneur and act like a CEO. You’ll learn about marketing, finance, operations management, leadership, research, and development as well as other topics that are essential for business.

Since being an entrepreneur is all about mindset, this book will help give you the confidence to start your own business and develop successful strategies. Reading this book won’t turn you into a millionaire overnight, but it will improve your chances of success by teaching you how to think like an intuitive marketer

books about mindset

Books on mindset

Books on Business

This is my favorite list, you can find books on anything nowadays. The goal here is to pick a theme and start reading.


  1. Set a time every day to read. If you block 30-1hr every day to read you will make a habit and will enjoy that time of your day.
  2. underline what grabs your attention. i always underline quotes, important topics or thoughts that I liked.
  3. Go back and read the underlined sections of your book.

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