Manifestation means you use the power of your subconscious mind to attract things with the same energy frequency as you are. Manifesting is an act of confidence, and it takes practice and time. Most people sabotage their manifestations because they want a positive thing, and then they think that’s not possible because of fear, so they damage that possibility.

Successful people use manifestation as their best ally because they know how our results work. You see, first, you picture something in your mind, then you feel that emotion. It could be positive or negative, and your brain makes it a reality. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between something real or hasn’t happened and something that isn’t.

If you want to change your reality, and learn the art of manifestation, don’t worry; start small, master the skill, and then you can move to something bigger.

Let’s get started. 

  1. Hearing from a friend

 Sometimes you think a lot about a person, and suddenly he calls you, or you reach out to him. This is manifestation. Try to think about this person, the last time you saw them, and the emotions he made you feel. You will be surprised by the results.

2. Money

 You see, money is energy. Money flows to people who are ready to receive it. If you lack money, it may be because you don’t believe you deserve it. Your financial situation may change if you picture yourself closing a client or succeeding at a business.

3. A new job

 If you want to change jobs, then this is something you may want to do. You want to search for the kind of job you want. Then write on a piece of paper what type of job you want and how your life will benefit after you get it. Picture this scene every night before bed.

4. A Present

 Gifts are for people that deserve them. It’s as simple as that. If you currently don’t receive any gift, it may be because you believe you don’t deserve it and you’re not grateful.

5. A small win

Even a tiny Child’s game can be manifested as a board game with your family or any game. You can attract this energy. A small win could be a free product, a coupon, a game, could be anything. When you start to picture the small success and then get it, you will want to keep doing it with everything.

6. Green Lights

 It’s very annoying to drive in a hurry, and every light is red. It would be best if you get somewhere fast but can’t because of traffic, which can be improved. You can drive more efficiently and have more green lights if you manifest an excellent trip and no obstacles.

7. Good plane seat

Occasionally planes are complete, and we sit in the back of the place we didn’t want. That’s because we thought about those negatives. What are you manifesting, the opposite and positive things? You may be surprised about how you can be upgraded for free.

8. A discount

Going into your favorite store and suddenly finding out that what you wanted to buy is on sale. It’s affordable, and it’s for you. You can manifest the prices of the goods you like.

9. Your size and description

 What if you want a dress and know it will be sold out quickly? If you could manifest yours, you could go to the store and realize that that dress is the only one left, and it’s your size.

10. A Free Restaurant Table

Go to your favorite restaurant on Friday night, and it may be full. Manifesting a table for the number of people going with you can be a choice. Never stay without eating at your favorite place.
Remember, practice makes perfect, keep doing it every day, and you will see tremendous improvements in your life

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